Houston, Texas, USA.

HIF is taking what it learns in Chile and applying it globally, starting with areas in the United States with high quality renewable energy resources.

Headquartered in Houston, HIF USA will begin on the Gulf Coast, where wind resources and CO2 are both abundant.

HIF USA will use renewable energy from the wind and a process called electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. The project will also capture CO2 and use a process of synthesis to combine the CO2 and Hydrogen to produce eFuels. The eFuel will create a way for existing infrastructure to become carbon neutral by continuously reusing and recycling the CO2.

HIF USA: It is possible.

  • Add 15 GW of renewable electricity to Texas capacity
  • Produce 900 million kilograms per year of Green Hydrogen
  • Capture CO2 of approximately 6 million tonnes per year
  • Produce 600 million gallons per year of eFuels
  • Convert 1 million vehicles to carbon neutral