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We are fueling our world
with renewable energy

HIF is producing eFuels with green hydrogen and recycled CO2 now.


        Barrels of eFuel           production per day

        Tonnes of CO₂ recycled per year
 Carbon neutral vehicles

Our Team

Experienced, creative, entrepreneurial, and resilient professionals with diverse backgrounds.


Renewable Fuels: The Haru Oni Plant

HIF has completed the first integrated demonstration eFuels facility in the world. Haru Oni produces low carbon eGasoline and eMethanol that is dropped-in today’s engines and infrastructure.

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Our Process

We use renewable energy to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis, and we capture CO₂ from the atmosphere, or from an industrial or biogenic source. We then combine the green hydrogen with the CO₂ through a process called synthesis, obtaining a fossil fuel substitute that can work in existing infrastructure.

The final result is low carbon eFuel.

eFuels are a substitute for fossil fuels used in today’s cars, ships, trucks, airplanes, and the petrochemical industry, with zero, or minor, modifications required.

005 Paso 5

Aug 14, 2023, 13:29 PM
Title : 005 Paso 5
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Titulo : Step 5: End Use By Existing Infrastructure
The carbon-neutral eFuel can be used by existing cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes as a...
eFuels are chemically equivalent to conventional fossil fuels, therefore are compatible with existing engines and infrastructure, and can be used TODAY.
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A Global Vision

HIF has established offices in key eFuels production locations.

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