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About HIF Asia Pacific

HIF Asia Pacific is headquartered in Sydney, with the mission to develop and bring to market large scale eFuel projects located in Australia and New Zealand, leveraging the Chilean and the USA experience.

HIF Asia Pacific is developing a pipeline of projects to produce 36,000 barrels of eFuel per day by 2030 (equivalent to 14% of Australian petrol consumption in 2021).

Australia’s energy transition is underway. Ambitious plans driven by Federal and State governments aim to transform the country into a world leading producer and exporter of green energy over the coming decades.

Australia has enormous renewable energy resources and its geographic proximity to Asia’s rapidly growing market places it in an ideal position to become the region’s largest green energy supplier.

New Zealand is also actively seeking to export green energy on the back of some of the world’s best wind resources, backed by its vast existing hydro and geothermal green energy base.

HIF Asia Pacific: It is possible

HIF Tasmania eFuels Facility

HIF Tasmania will be the first commercial scale eFuels facility to be built in Australia, harnessing the natural advantages of Tasmania to help the world decarbonize. The facility will use renewable energy from the local grid to power electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen. CO2 captured from Tasmanian plantation biomass will be combined with this hydrogen via synthesis. The resulting carbon neutral eFuels can be used in existing cars, trucks, ship, and planes without modifications required. HIF Tasmania will be located on the Forico estate at Surrey Hills, 30km south of Burnie in North West Tasmania. Is expected to provide nearly 200 full-time permanent jobs during its anticipated 40-year of operating life. The project is in the permitting and design phase.

Quick Facts
100 million liters/year of eFuels
250 MW electrolyzer capacity
260,000 tons/year CO2 recycled
2027 Operations Date

HIF Global and Forico team up to deliver Australia´s first eFuels plant

HIF Global and ENEOS announce co-operation to accelerate production of eFuels

HIF Global, Porsche and Volkswagen Group Unveil New Direct Air Capture Unit

HIF Global engages Technip Energies for Australia eFuels project

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