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HIF Chile brings the production of eFuels in the Magallanes region to commercial scale using one of the most exceptional wind resources in the world. We are completing the construction of the Haru Oni Demonstration Plant and advancing the environmental assessment and detailed engineering of one of the first integrated commercial-scale eFuels plant in the globe.

HIF Chile: It is possible

First Commercial Plant Chile

The plant will use renewable energy from the wind and a process called electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. The project will also capture CO2 from the atmosphere and use a process of synthesis to combine the CO2 and hydrogen to produce eFuels, including carbon neutral gasoline (eGasoline) and carbon neutral Liquefied Gas (eLG). The eFuel will create a way for existing infrastructure to become carbon neutral by continuously reusing and recycling the CO2.

Quick Facts
300MW Plant
66MM liters of efuel/year
230k tonnes CO2 captured/year

HIF and Enel Green Power withdraw “Faro del Sur” environmental permit application

HIF Global, LOTHER GRUPPE and eFuel GmbH sign Letter of Intent to accelerate the availability of eFuels in Europe

HIF and Enel Green Power begin environmental assessment for Faro del Sur wind park project

HIF Global engages Societe Generale as financial advisor

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