Berlin, Germany.

HIF EMEA, headquartered in Berlin, Germany is HIF Global`s recently founded subsidiary covering the economic area of Europe, Middle East and Africa. With more than 2 billion people the EMEA region is a center full of challenges and opportunities for supplying the people and the businesses with secured, clean, and carbon neutral energy.

HIF EMEA´s vision is to provide carbon neutral fuels - so called eFuels - and energy carriers for the EMEA region to speed up decarbonization and retaining security of supply. To produce eFuels, clean Hydrogen is produced via electrolysis from renewable electricity and water. If required, CO2 is captured from the air and combined with Hydrogen to produce different kind eFuels.


Our mission is

  • to develop eFuel projects in the EMEA region for the EMEA region
  • to import eFuels and renewable energy carriers from HIF Global`s production facilities worldwide into the EMEA region

To accomplish our vision and mission, HIF EMEA will

  • be the focal contact for Off-takers to suit their needs for carbon neutral fuels
  • be the preferred partner for hydro, wind and PV power developers in the EMEA region for the production of eFuels
  • assist legislators to create a transparent and secure certification process for carbon neutral fuels by using our experience from academia and especially our Haru Oni Project
  • help to diversify EMEA`s energy demand by producing more renewable energy within EMEA and connecting EMEA countries and businesses
  • help to diversify EMEA`s energy import routes by adding new renewable sources worldwide

HIF EMEA will also take advantage of HIF Global`s experiences in Chile, USA and Australia. We will adapt those experiences to the different legislative requirements in Europe, Africa and the Middle East countries. We will explore how to use existing infrastructure to be used for eFuels instead of fossil fuels. We will also explore further opportunities of creating parts of the value chain in the EMEA region when importing eFuels. Existing refinery processes in Europe may be switched from fossil fuel refinery to methanol to Gasoline (MtG) processes.

The world needs to transition from fossil to renewable energy much faster to fight climate change. It needs to diversify its energy routes and sources to retain security of supply for all people, businesses and society.

Here, HIF Global and HIF EMEA will help to meet these challenges by producing and delivering carbon neutral fuels for the EMEA region. We also believe that these tasks won´t be reached alone – we all need strong partnerships, expertise and the will to do the right things now. Let´s jointly take the challenge and go for implementation.

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